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Oct. 16th, 2013 @ 10:41 am Help, ideas? Donation of cotton shirting.
What a wonderful group. I have been a user of reusable pads many years and I want to help this cause. My husband and I are leaving the country for a sabbatical and in the process I have cleaned out my wardrobe. I ended up with several soft cotton shirts and blouses that are unfit to sell or donate in that I want to keep them out of landfill and from being processed into shod or industrial cleaning rags. I would like to have them go to a charity or group that can make them into menstrual pads.
Any ideas out there?
FYI, all of them are 100% very soft, well worn cotton. A few tees, most of them are pastel gingham and stripe button down. Also are 2 men's flannel shirts in the medium size garbage bag.
Please let me know where I can have these go to a great women's organization. I thank all of you dearly.
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