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Fleece types

Just wondered does anyone know where you buy wind pro fleece in U.K. and Ireland online. Trying to get my head around making pads and having trouble knowing where to get all the things. Going to practice first with old clothes and things but it would be so handy to know where to get this type of fleece as it seems lovely. Is there a particular type needed, i.e. A certain thickness or type best for pads. Also does anyone know if there is much difference between this and anti pill fleece. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, highly confused by it all.
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Rip off of Luna Wolf pattern/tutorial set

EDIT: The pattern/tutorial set has now been removed from Etsy! :) It's still on her own website and on Pinterest though, so I will be chasing those up next.

EDIT 2: Relisted on Esty with a different picture and a few edits, but still using my words. Reported. I have yet to determine if the downloadable product being sold is the same infringement. https://www.etsy.com/listing/194530297/cloth-pad-pattern-slim-design-5-sizes

Hi everyone,

It has been brought to my attention that the pattern and tutorial set I created in 2008, and still sell through my website today, has been ripped off by an Etsy seller called "Happy Moon Pads".

This is my original pattern and tutorial set:

You can see from the picture that the text on the pattern reads "Copyright Luna Wolf 2008. For personal or non profit use only."

This is the ripped off pattern:


As you can see, it is identical, but the text pertaining to Luna Wolf has been removed. Her price also undercuts mine. Unbelievably, she is also selling a licence which enables the buyer to sell pads made FROM MY PATTERNS - as long as they give credit to HER SHOP!

PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PATTERN/TUTORIAL SET FROM HAPPY MOON PADS! This is MY work, for which I can provide the original hand-drafted patterns if anybody would like to see them. Please do not give your money to somebody who is making money dishonestly off of somebody else's hard work and creativity.

I have contacted Etsy, but whether they will do anything about it is anyone's guess.

Thanks for reading.


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DIY stash clearance

ETA: Lots 1, 3 and 5 sold. Lot 2 (PUL fabric) and lot 4 (KAM compatible snaps) still available!

Hi, long time no speak! I used to run Luna Wolf, which I closed down a couple of years ago to pursue a new career. Anyhow, I have been sorting through my old supplies, and have a lot of fabric and miscellaneous bits that I no longer need, so I thought I would offer them up here. I have bamboo fleece, PUL, cotton flannel, pre-cut pads, snaps etc.

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Thanks for looking! If you have any questions, please ask away in the comments.

Help, ideas? Donation of cotton shirting.

What a wonderful group. I have been a user of reusable pads many years and I want to help this cause. My husband and I are leaving the country for a sabbatical and in the process I have cleaned out my wardrobe. I ended up with several soft cotton shirts and blouses that are unfit to sell or donate in that I want to keep them out of landfill and from being processed into shod or industrial cleaning rags. I would like to have them go to a charity or group that can make them into menstrual pads.
Any ideas out there?
FYI, all of them are 100% very soft, well worn cotton. A few tees, most of them are pastel gingham and stripe button down. Also are 2 men's flannel shirts in the medium size garbage bag.
Please let me know where I can have these go to a great women's organization. I thank all of you dearly.

Thinking of trying...

I'm currently entering the 3rd trimester of my pregnancy and am considering making my own panty liners to use for the remainder of pregnancy and some super absorbent ones for postpartum mommy time (ew...). I absolutely hated pads/adult diapers during postpartum time the last time I was pregnant and I loathe panty liners more than I can say (who knew something so small could be so uncomfortable!)

I'm considering making them out of the same materials that my son's cloth diapers are made of (that I made of course!) which would be flannel, cotton batting, and I'll probably throw some fleece in the postpartum ones. I'm avoiding the PUL on these if possible. Thoughts or suggestions?

Also, on the care, I should just be able to launder them with my son's (and soon to be daughter's) cloth diapers right? I figured this would be the easiest and most efficient way to launder them as the diapers get washed everyday and then hung out to dry on the drying rack over night.

Thanks for your input!

Stash size? Plus a couple more questions.

I've been thinking of making my own cloth pads for a while, but between work and college, I've only had enough time now to start making them.

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I was looking at buying pads for a while, but they're all colorful or they have nice patterns. And it's fine for people who like them, but why use nice fabric for something you're going to bleed on? So my own pads are just hand-sewn strips of white cotton flannel with a layer or two of terrycloth inside.

I've actually been lurking here for a while, but my questions made me finally decide to join. So, hello to the other community members!

Laminated Cotton

Hi everyone,
I have some laminated cotton at home, but no PUL. I was wondering if it is ok to use laminated cotton for cloth pads. If anybody has done so, I would love to hear how it worked!
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Advice for a first timer

Hey Lovely Menstruators!
I'm thinking about making my own cloth menstrual pads. Can you give some useful advice from things you've learned making your own?  Thanks.

How to Make Truly Waterproof Pads?

I'm fairly new to the homemade pad thing. A few months ago I ordered some PUL and made a bunch. I don't use them for periods, but as everyday pantyliners, which I need if I don't want to wash my pants (if you're English, trousers) every day. But the ones I made aren't very waterproof.

I used 1 layer of PUL, which is a supposedly waterproof polyester, sandwiched between two layers of cotton on each side.

Definitely not waterproof. Not remotely. They're not as comfortable to me as disposable pantyliners either--the fluid does not get whisked away; they *feel* wet, which isn't pleasant. But still, I use them about half the time.

Any recommended recipes for more comfortable and waterproof pads? (I'm not looking to buy; I'm looking to make.)



Hello! I'm new to cloth pads and want to start making my own! Do you guys think a hand held sewing machine and hand stitching is sufficient or should I invest in a bigger sewing machine? I'm totally broke and don't have any cloth pads yet so I'm trying to get started