ladysarahjane (ladysarahjane) wrote in diy_pads,

Thinking of trying...

I'm currently entering the 3rd trimester of my pregnancy and am considering making my own panty liners to use for the remainder of pregnancy and some super absorbent ones for postpartum mommy time (ew...). I absolutely hated pads/adult diapers during postpartum time the last time I was pregnant and I loathe panty liners more than I can say (who knew something so small could be so uncomfortable!)

I'm considering making them out of the same materials that my son's cloth diapers are made of (that I made of course!) which would be flannel, cotton batting, and I'll probably throw some fleece in the postpartum ones. I'm avoiding the PUL on these if possible. Thoughts or suggestions?

Also, on the care, I should just be able to launder them with my son's (and soon to be daughter's) cloth diapers right? I figured this would be the easiest and most efficient way to launder them as the diapers get washed everyday and then hung out to dry on the drying rack over night.

Thanks for your input!
Tags: absorbency, flow - heavy, mama pads, pad type: postpartum/uber heavy pads, pregnancy/postpartum
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