gemuku (gemuku) wrote in diy_pads,

hand-sewn pads


I've just found this community and really like it. I've hand-sewn all of my cloth pads and recogniced that barely anyone sew by hand. So I'd like to share my experience. Maybe it will help someone who dosen't have a sewingmachine. My pads are pantyliners and I use them as a cup-backup. They are made out of old t-shirts. I just used 3 layers, so the pantyliners are super thin. I used a disposable pad as a pattern, simplified it and attached wings. Backstitches working best for all parts of the pads.
Now a picture of my pads so you can see them and the pattern:

I hope you don't mind my english. I 'm from austria, so it's a little difficult for me :-)

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